Fashion 69 | 2018 Amazing Braid/Plait Hairstyles
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2018 Amazing Braid/Plait Hairstyles


2018 Amazing Braid/Plait Hairstyles

When it comes to knowing to how to braid hair, I hate to admit it, especially as a beauty editor, but I do not find braids easy. I blame my mother, who never french-braided my hair when I was a kid. (I also blame her for my addiction to dark chocolate and tendency to use big words when I’m mad—hi, Mum!)
Now my profession requires me to scroll longingly through gorgeous braid styles on Pinterest and YouTube, unable to master them no matter how many times I scrutinise the step-by-step instructions. Let’s just say if braiding were an A-level, I would not have gotten into uni.
So, as you can imagine, it really makes me feel like a dunce when braid tutorials promise to be “ridiculously simple” and “perfect for beginners” and yet I’m still unable to wrap my mind (and fingers) around their execution. Maybe I’m wrong, but a triple-fishtail-upside-down-waterfall-plaited-topknot hairstyle does not sound simple to me.
Fortunately, easy braids (like, actually easy) do indeed exist. And I’ve gathered the best ones here—no French braids, no triple fishtails. Just pretty, deceptively simple braids that even I, the world’s worst braider, can manage.

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