Fashion 69 | 25 Pixie Cuts for Women with Curly Hair 2018 Hairstyle
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25 Pixie Cuts for Women with Curly Hair 2018 Hairstyle


25 Pixie Cuts for Women with Curly Hair 2018 Hairstyle

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: You’re leafing through a magazine and you spot a woman with a gorgeous haircut. It’s sweeter than a French pastry straight out of a Parisian kitchen. Every light-reflecting lock is in place . . . or, if it’s a messy ‘do, every misbehaving strand rebels with poetic gusto. You remind yourself that she’s got a small army of stylists, colorists, and talented makeup and lighting folks behind her, but that doesn’t take away from the sudden realization that her cut would never, ever work with your hair.

Curly-haired women know this scenario well. When a straight-haired woman with a cute cut catches our eye, we have to pause and remember that there’s little chance our mane would ever do the same thing.

Some might think the pixie cut is one of these styles, but we’re here to change your minds and show you the light. Sooo many curly-haired girls can pull it off—and you’re probably one of them! It’s just a matter of picking the right pixie cut for your mane and knowing how to style it. So scroll through these 25 photos of women with gorgeous curly locks—and pixie cuts—and remember that you can have this cut, even if you don’t have a stylist at your beckon call.

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