Fashion 69 | 3 Men Style Summer Outfits Ideas 2017 | 2K17 Men Style | Outfit Inspiration
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3 Men Style Summer Outfits Ideas 2017 | 2K17 Men Style | Outfit Inspiration

3 Men Style Summer Outfits Ideas 2017 | 2K17 Men Style | Outfit Inspiration



Knowing the essentials is great, but putting them together as one outfit is another story.

I made a video about summer essentials which did very well on the channel and because of that I’m making this video. In today’s video I’m showing and discussing 5 different summer style outfits. I used to be a guy that struggled to dress well during summer time and that’s why these are going to be simple and affordable outfits.

I will begin with the most casual outfit and end with the most classic outfit but before we get in to the outfits I do need to mention a few things. First of all, get yourself a pair of no show socks so that you won’t have to show your socks in your shoes and secondly, make sure that are your clothes are nicely fitted, this also includes your shorts.

Outfit 1: The first outfit is for a very by far the most casual outfit that you will ever wear during summer time and it is in general only appropriate to wear it when your by the pool or at the beach.
I just threw on a tank top combined with pink shorts and some casual fashion sneakers. I do have to point out some things about this outfit, the first thing is that you shouldn’t wear a tank top if you are a skinny guy. Yes I know that I’m not a bodybuilder but by working out the last 10 months I managed to get my body in a pretty good shape that allows me to wear a tank top.

About the shorts, it’s not because you wear pink that you are gay, it just ads a little bit of color to your outfit. I added a little more detail to my outfit by wearing a casual black watch and a fabric belt. and you can add a baseball cap if you really want to.

I recently bought these shoes and I really like the fact that they are made of suede fabric. The sand color goes with pretty much any outfit but I do have to be careful when I’m wearing these because they get easily dirty.

Outfit 2 is a little more dressed up than the previous ones but it’s still not overwhelming classic. I threw on a pair of green shorts, with a white short sleeve dress shirt on top of that. I kept the fashion sneakers.

You can either wear this shirt tucked in or just leave it un tucked but do notice that the length of the shirt should be perfect if you leave it un tucked. Also make sure that you don’t have a ton of extra space in between your arm and the shirt sleeve. I like to roll up my shorts, it just gives some extra depth to the outfit.

Outfit number 3 is the most classic outfit of 3, I kept the white shirt but I replaced the shorts by black jeans and I combined that with brown lace ups. I chose the brown ones because these will elevate your style and set you apart from all the other men who own black shoes.

You defiantly need to tuck in your shirt for this outfit and I suggest that you match the color of your belt the color of your shoes. I applied the same trick with my watch to finish of the look.
Those where basically the three outfits, let me know which one you like the most by pressing the I in the corner of the screen and choosing one from the dropdown menu.

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    Posted at 16:02h, 16 June

    where did you get the white dress shirt?

  • Maarten S
    Posted at 16:02h, 16 June

    Great video Frederick! I enjoyed watching it:)

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    Great video bro!!! Specially Came here from Ben's channel to support u!!! ???

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    Posted at 16:02h, 16 June

    Absolutely ridiculous and grotesque comments coming from that dude in the comments, clearly disliking of multiple accounts within seconds! YouTube need to sort their sh** out and support smaller creators. I thought this was a great video, regardless of what that brainless idiot said!

  • EveryMan
    Posted at 16:02h, 16 June

    Great outfit suggestions Frederick! I like the second one!