Fashion 69 | Fashion Craze: Footwear – Believe Common
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Fashion Craze: Footwear – Believe Common


Fashion Craze: Footwear – Believe Common

In aspect III of the 4 Fashion Craze videos by APLF, Jayne Esteve Cure provides ‘Think Classic’ for the Winter Year 2011/twelve. Get impressed by an eclectic combine of finished goods and elements, accessible at the upcoming Fashion Entry demonstrate.

APLF Fashion pattern: Believe Common

Winter 2011/twelve

– City topic revamping formality

– City
– Present day classics
– Twisting codes with new volumnes and proportions

APLF Colour Developments
– Reassuring tasteful hues
– Basic but sytlish colors
– Timeless array of neutrals
– Contrasting dark colors & intense basic principles

Fabrics & Textures
– Little leather grains, crossed grains, herringbone, boundstooth
– Lizard
– Goatskin, shaved foal, pony, aniline lambskin
– Suede, chamois, deep velvet
– Ultra shiny mirror leather
– Stripes, smaller spherical grains, very small checkerboard, diamonds, geometrical outcomes

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