Fashion 69 | Men with kittens – new fashion trend?
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Men with kittens – new fashion trend?


Men with kittens – new fashion trend?

Men with kittens – new fashion trend?

Only real men can pull off wearing pink and still looking good. Even these adorable kittens could not sidetrack this pink flavored look. The black vest by Calvin Klein ( $69 ) over the pink dress shirt ( $49 ) is the main focus of this look. The contrast of pink and black is bold and confident.

Grey 513 Levi’s jeans ( $49 ) complete the outfit at the bottom along with the chambray casual sneakers by Aldo ( $90 ) over multi-color socks by BED|STU ( $12 ).
For the accessories we got black wooden bead bracelets by H&M ( $9 ) on one hand and a deuce watch with pink dial by NEFF ( $29 ) on the other.

Now all you have to do is get out there and beam with confidence!

This video was filmed in Santa Clara, CA

Beach Front Property by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Royalty Free Library )

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