Fashion 69 | Parading My Translucent Light Blue Car Print Midi Skirt.
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Parading My Translucent Light Blue Car Print Midi Skirt.


Parading My Translucent Light Blue Car Print Midi Skirt.

Congratulations CoverGirl!!
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My exceptionally comfortable, stylish & very swishy LOOK pleated skirt is complemented by Very Voga peep toe Bowknot Kitten heeled slingbacks buckle shoes, with musical accompaniment entitled “Kingpin In A Skirt”.My horizontal video Gallery can be viewed at;
When I was very young & a shorts wearer, my Mother was also my Barber in the 1960`s. She would instruct me to sit on her stool in order to cut my hair. She frequently wore an evidently hypnotic black pleated cotton skirt which tickled my knees as it brushed across them while she was cutting my fringe. I now apparently have the image of her skirt deeply in my eyes. It was first noticed by my (secondary) School Teacher in the 1970`s & by subsequent girlfriends who have also mentioned it. The presence of the image & my Mother regularly sitting with her legs crossed on a high stool at our then Breakfast Bar with her new dark brown sequinned polyester Sunray pleated midi skirt very striking draped very close to the floor during the 1970s has strongly influenced my interest in cross-dressing & I regularly wear one of my pleated or circle skirts/dresses at home.
In November 2015, I was scapegoated by a group of criminals, who waited in a silver Private Hire Taxi outside the building in which I lived expecting me to emerge dressed as a woman with a bob hairstyle. My being dressed as a man rendered them indecisive with their execution plot, so the 3 men did not ambush & abduct me. In view of my cross-dressing hobby saving my life, I shall continue to enjoy femininity. There`s also additional information at;

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