Fashion 69 | Short Hairstyle Ideas for 2018 New Hair Trends
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Short Hairstyle Ideas for 2018 New Hair Trends

Short Hairstyle Ideas for 2018 New Hair Trends


Short haircuts for women: Different and beautiful short hair cut ideas for 2017-2018

What will happen to short haircuts for women in 2017-2018? Which short hairstyles would be preferred by women in 2018? Short hair styling ensures style and freshness – also in the year 2017-2018. We have the most beautiful short hair dresses of the stars, from the catwalks and, of course, the short hair dresses 2017-2018. Whether undercut, as a pixie cut or as a soft, feminine short haircut: Let yourself be inspired by these cool short hair cuts. Grandiose coloring games also give short hair a smart touch! Maybe it would be time for a shorty, right?

Short hair is very far ahead in the 2017-2018 trend dresses and, as with this haircut here, ensure a decent portion of casualness!

Fans of short hair dresses currently have many options, as the hairdressers love fashionable short hair dresses in all variants: Wild and punk, but also feminine and elegant are the current creations for short hair.
The current wetlook can be implemented with short hair particularly well. Angled sides are combined to form a long pony or the top coat with the styling product is brought to a high gloss.

Very short pages, which point towards ‘Undercut’, want to see the trend scouts among the hairdressers as well on our heads. But courage can also be shown with less radical measures: Colored highlights are the trend and allow for multifaceted short hair cuts. The trend message for those who love feminine shorthair dresses are soft waves in the coat and pony.

Fashionable short hair dresses are a transformation artist. How versatile this year short hair can still be worn – we show it on the following pages.

We show you 70 beautiful short haircut ideas – be inspired!

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