Fashion 69 | The latest trend trend predictions
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The latest trend trend predictions


The latest trend trend predictions

Sean, about new trend tendencies…

In the questionare the inquirer astutely observes how properly I do at trend trend forecasting. It just so occurs that I usually forecast trend tendencies about two years in advance. Which, can make me search ridiculous at the time but then once again like Giorgio Agamben when explained, “Those who are certainly up to date, who certainly belong to their time, are these who neither completely coincide with it nor adjust themselves to the needs, they are as a result in this sense irrelevant.” Having said that this time all around, I am somehow in line with the forthcoming spring trend tendencies.

  • AskTorlando
    Posted at 09:00h, 24 January

    Here was another dud, I was all about jncos back in the day but I'd wear them with some Alan Iverson's or Doc Martin's

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